In the near future the blockchain will be used mainly for the tokenization of assets

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We bring together businesses and investors on the same platform. Investors buy tokenized assets for resale. The business gets paid for its products, which further provides on request to investors.

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Full transparency and high income

  • Up to 500% per annum from the resale of tokenized assets
  • A convenient way to invest in projects
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  • Investments from one hundred dollars
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Investments for your products

  • Attracting investments for business development
  • Tokenize assets
  • Fast and convenient way to search for investments
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Irish Mining Company

We offer to buy the products of our mine.
1kg of gold = 1 virtual token

Сost of products
1000 $
Cost of tokenized asset
500 $
90%  -  Term until 02 December
Total lot amount: 380000 $

Antivirus digital Company

We offer to buy the products of our Antivirus company
1 digital copy = 1 virtual token

Сost of products
100 $
Cost of tokenized asset
50 $
30%  -  Term until 25 October
Total lot amount: 280000 $

Gaming production

We offer to buy the products of our Gaming company
1 digital copy of «Frozen Heart 2» = 1 virtual token

Сost of products
150 $
Cost of tokenized asset
70 $
33%  -  Term until 01 September 2019
Total lot amount: 800000 $


For investors

How to make money on tokenized assets?

You can buy a tokenized asset at a bargain price or on favorable terms. Then resell on the commodity exchange of our platform or on the marketplace Product Protocol.

How much can I earn on the Product Protocol platform?

We find the best conditions from manufacturers around the world. The goods can be with good discount. Working with tokenized assets - you can earn up to 200% profit per asset.

Why tokenize assets?

The fact is that we use one of the main advantages of blockchain technology - transnational and speed. Product Protocol is a crowdinvesting platform based on blockchain technology.

For business owners

How can I raise funds to my business through the Product Protocol platform?

You leave a request, we check your business and issue tokens for your products. Investors from all over the world buy out your tokenized assets, you get the funds.

How much do your tokenization services cost?

Each business has its own evaluation and selection criteria. So that all individually.

Will I need to buy or purchase cryptocurrencies? (in my country they are not legalized)

Business does not receive money in cryptocurrencies. All our activities are official and documentary transparent.

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